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Tired of the same old UGC advice that seems to be everywhere?

Break free with personalized coaching designed to elevate your UGC business to consistent 4 or 5-figure earnings each month.

My 1:1 coaching is the game-changer for UGC creators in Europe eager to elevate their business into consistent 4-5 figure monthly earnings. If your UGC business feels stuck or if you’re overwhelmed by unanswered questions, it’s time to change that. Now.

Exclusive One-on-One Session

Spend an hour with me, and let’s pinpoint together what it takes to achieve your goals. Feel free to ask anything that’s holding you back. Many creators feel overwhelmed by the flood of information out there. Let me simplify it for you, offering clear solutions to your challenges

Investment: $149 for a 30-minute session

Unlimited Access

Gain 24/7 access to me via Instagram for any follow-up questions you might have after our call. I’m here to support you on your journey to success.


Free Action Plan

Post-call, you’ll receive a recording to revisit anytime and a detailed action plan. This plan includes specific tools and actionable steps designed to help you achieve your goals.


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What We'll Achieve in Your Personalized Session:

Honest Reviews

Real Outcomes

"I just got off a one on one coaching call with Laura and I found it super helpful as a lot of online coaches, mentors, people teaching you how to do UGC online, it's really hard to know who to go to, but I've been following her for a little while and she's already sent me a load of free resources that were really high value, so I thought she knows what she's talking about so I booked a call and I'm really happy I did because we've just been through email strategy, she's taught me exactly how to scrape emails, which I had no idea about, and she went to my portfolio and gave me some really good tips on how to move forward, so yeah thank you so much Laura and if you're looking to scale your UGC business or you're just getting started I would really recommend her."
IG: @ugc.withholly
"Hi, I'm Kori from Korea. Laura really stood out to me among all the UGC creators I follow, thanks to her self-introduction video. She spoke about her background and experience, which immediately earned my trust. After watching her video, I felt compelled to send her a direct message because I noticed we had some things in common, such as speaking multiple languages and not being based in North America, which is currently the largest market for UGC. I had some questions, and she was quick to respond with sincere answers. This led me to book a call with her. During our call, we discussed various topics, such as focusing on specific issues, improving my scriptwriting, and utilizing natural lighting. We also covered industry jargon, terms, and pricing strategies for contracts. Laura was very patient and friendly throughout our conversation, always willing to share the truth, which was incredibly helpful considering the vast number of people we could potentially follow, build with, and trust. In the end, what we all seek is authenticity, much like the videos we aim to create."
IG: @kori_likes
"I booked 1:1 coaching with Laura because right from the start, I knew she would help me properly scale my UGC business. Together, we went through everything, and Laura immediately pointed out where and what I needed to change, whether it was my pitching approach or my portfolio, so I could take my UGC business even further. Laura showed me all the tools for email marketing, especially for cold outreach. From now on, all my pitches will run automatically because I now know exactly which tools to use and I have a structure in place. Laura is truly an expert in the UGC field, and thanks to her, I've learned new strategies for earning up to 10k in the UGC business!"
IG: @ zuhra_ugc
"I find the course to be super well-structured, and one can quickly and easily dive into the individual chapters. I had some minor questions on other topics, which Laura kindly answered for me in a call. I can only recommend to everyone to choose courses where the creator truly stands behind their work and is approachable! Many thanks to dear Laura for the support 🙏"
IG: @zoe.naima
"I have been in Laura's coaching program since the beginning of the year and I am super happy with my progress. In the first week, I got my first Fiverr order ever and she helped me all along the way. She responds to every message every day and even scheduled additional calls when I was struggling with a specific task. She is really someone that cares."
"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thank you for our recent video call. Honestly, it was such an eye-opener and packed with valuable insights. Your depth of knowledge and unique take on things really brought a new level of depth to our chat. Super excited about the idea of teaming up down the line!"
IG: inamor_7


4x 30-mins 1:1 calls


*Please note that PayPal sometimes requires transactions to be completed from a computer


4x 30-mins 1:1 calls


Pay in 5 instalments

*Please note that PayPal sometimes requires transactions to be completed from a computer

Common Questions

I have been a UGC Creator for nearly 2 years and worked in Social Media before. I had 2 other businesses and a huge network of peopole who make 6-7 figures with their online business. Before coaching others, I had several months of coaching myself from a 7-figures business coach to ensure I can help UGC Creators in the best way possible.

There are no refunds but I am happy to reschedule for you 24h before our meeting.

The call is designed for UGC creators at any stage of their journey, whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow your audience, or seeking ways to monetize your business more effectively

You will be redirected to a booking page after you make the payment. In our first call, we will either schedule the follow-up calls or you will receive a link from me that you can use for all your coaching calls

Yes, after the call, you’ll receive a summary of key points discussed, as well as any relevant resources or recommendations that can help you move forward with your content creation goals. You will also receive a Google link to re-watch our 1:1 session any time you want