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The first ever 7-day UGC sprint

Join the intensive sprint to land your first client and build a foundation for a thriving UGC business

Are you struggling to make your mark in the crowded world of UGC creation? Whether you’re at the starting line or stuck at a plateau, our 7-Day UGC Creator Sprint is designed to catapult you to success. By the end of this week, you’ll not just aim for your first client – you’ll be equipped to win them over. Dive into a world where your creativity meets business savvy, and emerge ready to conquer

Struggling to make your mark in the UGC world or find your first client?

7-Day UGC Creator Sprint is designed to break through the noise, offering personalized coaching and tools to secure clients fast and set the stage for long-term success.
Meet your coach for the next 7 days

Hi, I'm Laura, a UGC expert who's transformed my passion into a prosperous career, and I'm here to guide you through your journey.

With nearly 2 years of experience and >300 brands successfully collaborated with, I’ve helped countless creators, from beginners to seasoned pros, achieve breakthrough success.


This will change your life.

What's inside the sprint?

The entire curriculum is based off of free tools. All of the systems for using those tools are inside the Notion course you receive.
There will be recommendations for paid tools for when you are ready to invest back into your business. 

Daily Breakdown

Each day of our sprint is packed with actionable steps, from mastering content creation to securing clients

Course Access

Instant access to your comprehensive UGC course, which you will work through together during the sprint.

24/7 Coaching Access

Get unmatched support with round-the-clock access to me for advice, feedback, and motivation. You can message me all day long on Slack and we can hop on video calls at all times - I am fully yours for a whole week!

UGC Templates

Participants receive a ready-to-use UGC template to kickstart content creation and client engagement immediately.

Who This Is For: Is This Sprint Calling Your Name?

Ready to Leap? Let's Make Magic Together

This Sprint Will Show You How!

Spaces in the sprint are intentionally limited because I’m committed to providing the personalized attention you deserve. If your heart is whispering (or shouting) that it’s time, listen. Your UGC empire awaits, and together, we’ll build it brick by brick.

What You'll Learn During The UGC Mastery Series

Day #1

Welcome to Your New Beginning - Onboarding & Strategizing

Today, we lay the foundations of our journey together. We’ll start with an onboarding session, where I get to know you, your dreams, and your aspirations. We’ll map out our week together, setting intentions that will guide us through this magical sprint. Today is about setting the stage for the incredible work we’ll do together, ensuring our path is aligned with your heart’s deepest desires.

Day #2

Vision Crafting - Goals, Niches, and Desires

Today, we dive into the soul of your UGC aspirations. We’ll explore the realms of possibility, identifying your niche—your unique space in the vast digital universe. Together, we’ll dream big, setting goals that stretch the imagination. What do you want from your UGC journey? Let’s define it, paint it, and commit to it. This is the day your vision starts to take form, grounded in the essence of who you truly are

Day #3

Bringing Your Vision to Life - Portfolio Creation

Today, we bring that vision to life. You’ll be filming videos and capturing photos that speak your truth, all under my guidance. And don’t worry about starting from scratch—I’m gifting you a free portfolio template that is super easy to set up.

Day #4

Entering the Arena - UGC Platforms Registration

With your portfolio in hand, it’s time to step into the arena. Today, we’ll navigate the digital landscape together, registering on key UGC platforms. I’ll be by your side, ensuring every step we take is purposeful, every choice a reflection of your unique brand and vision.

Day #5

Crafting Your Offer - Dream Brands & UGC Proposal

Today is about ambition, about aligning your offerings with your dreams. We’ll craft a UGC offer that’s irresistibly you, and list out the dream brands you wish to collaborate with. This is where strategy meets soul, where your creative offerings become your bridge to the brands that resonate with your essence. I’ll show you how to weave your uniqueness into proposals that can’t be ignored.

Day #6

The Art of Connection - Email Pitch Mastery

We’ll set up your business email and compile a list of contacts, and crafting email pitches. With my tried-and-true email content templates, you’ll learn how to reach out with confidence, authenticity, and a touch of magic. Today is about opening doors, making connections, and setting the stage for collaborations that elevate

Day #7

Reflection & Launch - Pitching to Clients

Our journey’s final day is one of reflection and action. We’ll look back on the week’s growth, the challenges, and the victories. And then, we launch you into your future. You’ll start pitching to clients, armed with the tools, the confidence, and the clarity we’ve cultivated together. Today is not an end, but a glorious beginning.

Ready To Build A Tribe Of BRANDS That Can’t Get Enough Of YOU?

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Valued at over $3,000, this all-inclusive sprint is your gateway to growth for just $999. It's more than a course; it's a transformation. Don't let another moment of doubt or hesitation dim your light. You're not just joining a sprint; you're embracing a future where your creativity knows no bounds



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